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What we do

Hey! I'm Trent Wiles! I own Riverside Rocks, the

internet project company that keeps the interent a better and more entertained place.

Why not join me?

Our work

  • DHHS News

  • About: DHHS News is the unoffical school news website that

    delivers news to DHHS students and parents.


  • Build a Homepage

  • About: Build a homepage is an automatic landing/homepage

    builder. Pick from three themes and customise the text

    on the page.

    Get Started

  • Riverside Rocks Youtube

  • About: The Riverside Rocks Youtube channel is the place where the

    developers of Riverside Rocks share experiences in their lives with



  • Scripting To Save Lives

  • About: Along with many other web developers, I have created a

    COVID-19 Charity that invites everyone to donate to hospitals and

    Organisations in need and we invite developers to help with the code of the website.


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